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The skin around the eyes is the thinnest and most sensitive, therefore it ages before anyone else. Fatigue, lack of sleep, stressful situations, poor ecology and unhealthy diet first manifest themselves in the form of bags, swelling and premature wrinkles around the eyes.

Cleansing Terms of makeup

Try to wash off the makeup with soft smooth movements: do not have three eyes and do not stretch the skin. Cosmetologists recommend using biphasic makeup removers consisting of an oil and water base. The oil part is responsible for the removal of cosmetics, water – for cleansing and toning the skin. After applying the product, be sure to wash it with water. Never wash your face with soap and alcohol, they dry out your skin and may cause irritation. With the Eye care services and advice the details for the best options are there.


The best way to moisturize eyelids is patches. The action of the patches is aimed at actively moisturizing and restoring the elasticity of sensitive eyelid skin, removing edema and lightening dark circles under the eyes. Hydrogel patches under the eyes with gold microparticles improve collagen synthesis, reduce wrinkles and serve to prevent their appearance. The floral extracts contained in the patches soothe, tone and refresh the skin.

Patches are tightly fastened and do not slip, allowing you to use during the day or leave for the night. The jar contains 60 semi-circular patches under the eyes and 30 round patches for other skin areas. Eye patches with ruby ​​powder and Bulgarian rose extract promote exfoliation of dead cells, stimulate blood circulation and normalize metabolism. Ruby powder brightens the skin and makes the eyelids smoother. Rose oil enriches the skin with fatty acids and vitamins, helping to remove inflammation and irritation. The herbal complex stimulates the immune system and improves the overall condition of the skin. In a jar there are 60 arc-shaped gel patches of transparent pink color. Apply patches to cleansed skin and leave for half an hour.

Rest the essence

Gently rub into the skin – a gentle massage will enhance the effect. Eye patches with shea butter and pearl powder enrich the skin with fatty acids, smooth out the relief, improve the tone and texture of the skin. These patches are an express tool: 20 minutes is enough to refresh the skin in the morning or put in order before an important event.

The number of patches in a jar – 60 pieces

Eye patches with colloidal gold particles and royal jelly stimulate the production of natural skin collagen, have a strong anti-inflammatory effect and protect the skin from aggressive external influences. Leave the patches for half an hour, rub the rest of the liquid into the skin with massage movements. In a jar there are 60 gel pads of transparent-golden color.

Very useful for the skin of eyelids compresses of natural oils

To nourish the skin around the eyes, you can use almond, peach, castor, sea buckthorn oil, coconut, shea butter or cocoa. Due to the high content of fatty acids, vitamins and minerals in their composition, fine wrinkles are smoothed, the elasticity and firmness of the skin is increased, dryness and flaking away. Rules for the use of oils apply a couple of drops of oil onto cleansed skin with fingertips and spread them out in a thin layer with patting movements. Keep the oil on the eyelids can be no more than 30 minutes.