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Many trends come and go, but a chosen few – such as long eyelashes, mascara, and lipstick, are here to stay. As a result of that, the demand for eyelash extensions has never been greater. Nowadays, eyelashes are admired for their thickness, fullness, and length.


At the same time, thanks to some unpleasant stories that circulated the web, there is a concern about eyelash extensions and how safe they are. That lead to women searching for what they are made of, as well as for natural lashes.


What follows is an explanation of all the potential risks that come with eyelash extensions and how concerned you may be or not with them.


What can go wrong?

First and most important of all is that you or the person that is attaching your eyelash extension is going into an area that is close to the eye and that alone poses a risk. Some of the instruments used during this procedure are sharp and as such is considered risky. But then again, if you got a licensed professional that attaches your eyelash extension the risk is greatly reduced.


What’s riskier is you making a sudden move while she is working on your eyelashes and has a sharp tweezer in her hand. That can get her off balance and accidentally hurt you with the tweezers. That is why it is of the uttermost importance to remove all distractions and stay calm. Nowadays, smartphones are probably one of the biggest possible distraction. That is why it is for the best to turn off your phone during the procedure.  

However, distractions don’t possess the greatest risk as much as some of the adhesives used to attach the eyelash extensions do. According to a story from the “Consumer Report,” there are records of several cases in which patients experienced reactions to the formaldehyde-based adhesives and some of them even got infections. Even the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) responded to this and they published a statement in which they cautioned consumers about the risks of eyelash extensions. AAO raised their concerns regarding the following dangers:


  • Risk of infecting the eyelid
  • Permanent or temporary loss of the eyelashes
  • Swollen eyelids


The AAO also gave notice to people that continuously use eyelash extensions. They risk damaging their hair follicles which are responsible for maintenance and eyelash growth. Damaged hair follicles can easily lead to losing the natural eyelashes.


Then there are few others that are not so common potential complications. For example:


  • Reaction to the tape that holds your lids closed during the duration of the procedure
  • Reaction to the solvents that are used to remove the extensions.
  • Forcep wounds


Finally, even though not backed by any study or research, some researchers and physicians believe that eyelash extensions can lead to dry eyes. According to them, there is an optimal length for the eyelashes to protect the eyes from dust, wind, and some types of debris. They suggest that the optimal length is one-third of the total width of the eye. If they are any longer than that and they create an airflow that dries the eye and can lead to dry eye symptoms.



Eyelashes are safe to use, but when all factors are taken into consideration. Some of the most important ones include:

  • The procedure is completed by an experienced and certified professional.
  • The used adhesives and solvents are safe to use and don’t cause allergic reactions and infections.
  • You use eyelashes only for special occasions and not all the time.
  • Your eyelashes are not super long.
  • You stay calm and don’t move during the procedure.


Stick to these recommendations, and you don’t have to worry about the risks and potential dangers coming from using eyelash extensions.