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Most people have a problem with their vision at some point in time. Here we will discuss the top five most common eye disorders, their symptoms, and warning signs and this article will help to prepare you to face this issue or someone you care about.


  • Diabetic Retinopathy


This diabetic eye disease happens if high blood sugar levels cause damage to the blood vessels in the retina. During the early stages that can cause blood vessels to leak fluid inside the eye. If it is untreated, it can make the retina swell and detach. That can lead to irreversible vision loss.


  • Cataracts


Eyes have their crystalline lens that as we grow old tends to stiffen and harden. That causes a blurry vision which is cataracts. This condition can be treated with surgery. Nowadays, there are very useful laser surgeries that can fix cataracts fast and efficiently.


  • Eye Inflammation


Eye inflammation or uveitis is an eye condition that can be caused by exposure to toxic chemicals like acids and pesticides used for agricultural purposes. Very often uveitis becomes a chronic condition and can even lead to blindness. The symptoms of eye inflammation/uveitis include decreased vision, pain in the eyes, red eyes, and sensitivity to light. This condition is treated with a steroid that may come in the form of eye drops, tablets, or injections.


  • Color Blindness


This eye condition affects nearly 8% of all men and around 1% of all women. It is not that they cannot see colors, just that they can’t distinguish some of them or different shades. This genetic condition is caused by one or a few of the light-sensitive cells within the retina of the eye. They don’t respond to certain colors. There is no cure for this condition, and people are forced to live with it the best they can.


  • Glaucoma


The eye contains a liquid that is known as aqueous humor. This liquid must be kept at an adequate pressure so that the eyes can function adequately. If it is under too much pressure, glaucoma will damage the eye’s optic nerve. It is the same nerve that transmits images from the eye and to the brain. Only in rare cases, glaucoma’s early symptoms appear. Usually, by the time they appear the nerve is already damaged. Glaucoma is treated with prescribed eye drops.


The general rule for all the eye conditions mentioned here is to go for an eye examination on a regular basis. Give your eye doctor the opportunity to monitor the condition of your eyes at least once a year.